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Have Stronger Healthier Trees with Professional Pruning

Knotty Arborists provides expert tree pruning and trimming services in Southern Maine. You probably have a favorite tree at home. With proper maintenance your tree can remain healthy and strong.

Preserving and maintaining trees is critical to stimulating growth and retaining the tree’s natural appearance which enhances the beauty of your landscape. It takes experience and skill to properly prune and trim trees – it’s like an art skill!

Knotty Arborists have complete understanding of tree biology, and skillfully perform the pruning or trimming without causing damage to the tree in the future. Proper pruning will keep your trees healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Why Prune Your Trees?

  • Keeps trees healthy and strong
  • Keeps trees beautiful promoting the trees natural growth
  • Avoids overgrown trees that become problematic
  • Prevents the tree from rotting / dying
  • Deters pest and animal infestation

Tree Trimming is a Must

Tree Pruning Keeps Pests Away

Common insect infestations and diseases prone to Maine trees:

Hemlocks: Mites, elongated scale, wooley hemlock adelgid, & rust.
Spruces: Mites, Spruce aphids, spruce gall adelgid, Needlecasts & rusts
Pines: Euphoryid mites, weevils, pine needle scale, pitch pine moth, and diplodia.
Firs: Mites, Elongated needle scale, needlecasts.
Maples: cottony maple scale, aphids, & tar spot.
Oaks: Scales, 2 lined chestnut borer, anthracnose.
Dogwood: Powdery mildew, dogwood borer
Birch: Bronze birch borer, mites, leaf miner, and canker.
Ash: Emerald ash borer (which has banned firewood movement in new haven)
Linden: marmolated stink bugs, aphids, and mites.
Cherry: prunicola scale, mites, aphids.
Crabapples: Scab, Cedar-apple rust, fireblight, flat borer borer
Pears: blister mites, pocket gall midge, and fireblight.

The professional arborists at Knotty Aroborists will provide a free on-site estimate for your tree trimming in Maine or complete a full tree consultation (the consultation fee is waived if you hire us).

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Our Best Reliable Tree Removal Services in Maine

Knotty Arborists provides quality tree care services to Southern Maine.


Fully Insured

Fully covered with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance – for our protection and yours.


Honest Evaluations

We offer honest, professional evaluations and free estimates. Our proactive approach saves you money and risk of damage.


Certified Arborists

We are highly-skilled and certified arborists with expert knowledge in all facets of tree care. We make sure the job is done safely.


Customer Focused

With a 100% happy customer satisfaction rate to date, we offer superior customer service and you will always get a call back from us.



We are a locally owned and family-run business located in Sebago, Maine. The best customer service, friendly & grateful for your business.


Safety First

The safest of our crew and your family along with your home, business or other property ALWAYS come first.

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Knotty Arborists is named the best tree removal company in Southern Maine by our customers time and time again.  We are fully insured and licensed, offering tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, tree consulting with danger assessments, and storm clean –up tree removal.

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    Tree Care Testimonials

    Named the Best Tree Removal Company in Maine

    • Client Image

      Tanya and Branden are a rare combination of professionalism and good people. They listen, respond, are punctual, and genuinely care. Their cleanup was exceptional and price very reasonable. I love my trees, so they will be my first call if I need tree work!

      • Marianne K Portland, Maine
    • Client Image

      After we moved into our new home, surrounded by mature trees, a friend referred us to Knotty Arborists. Tanya and Brandon assessed the health of our trees and recommended removing only a few limbs. They worked safely and efficiently, charged exactly what they’d estimated, and left our property looking great. We’ll be using them again, I am sure.

      • Alice R.
    • Client Image

      Tanya and Branden reviewed the scope of the job, gave me a quote, and stuck to that quote. They were efficient and skilled and did a great job cleaning up after the job was done. I was very pleased and actually used them again for a second job a few weeks later.  

      • Neil H.